An actual game changer

You guys, rosehip oil.  I know, I know oils are all the rage right now and I have been terribly hesitant to try them.  My skin already gets pretty oily and tbh the idea of putting more oil on my face was a little bit freaky.  But OH MY GOD rosehip oil has changed my life and my skin.  This stuff is intensely hydrating, helps fade wrinkles (not a problem yet, but it’s never too early!), speeds up the healing process, heals minor burns, treats acne and improves skin elasticity.  My big thing was fighting acne.  I can say without a doubt this oil has helped minimize my breakouts and get rid of pimples as well as helping to heal scars from old breakouts.  I apply the oil at night with my regular moisturizer after cleansing and I wake up absolutely glowing!  I completely recommend rosehip oil to anyone with hormonal breakouts and dull skin.  Give it a try!




My first post

So I’ve decided to start a blog dedicated to something I am intensely passionate about, beauty.  My love for all things makeup and skin care has become somewhat of an obsession.  Trying new products, finding what works best for me and being creative as hell are why I love it.  I have struggled with confidence for a long time.  Finding a product that makes me feel beautiful and confident is everything.  I went through a really rough skin stage during my first years of college and it was awful.  I always had pretty decent skin, even during puberty I never had breakouts or anything too crazy.  Then hormones kicked in.  Granted birth control made a big difference but let me tell you, makeup made all the difference before that.  I am excited to use this blog as a way to share products I love in hopes that someone, somewhere might find it helpful.